The impetus behind this publication was to create a series of studies for Jazz Guitarists similar in nature to the studies available to Classical Guitarists such as the Carulli Studies, Carcassi Studies, Sor Studies et al.

There are 11 studies offered in 2 different keys. Guitarists know that playing the same lines in different areas of the instrument yields greater insight and understanding. Fingerings, positions and TAB are intentionally omitted to emphasize the importance of processing, interpretation and individualization. Tempo markings are suggested targets only as a variety of tempi is preferable. The last 7 lessons are individual fundamental studies.

57 pages

For fingerstyle nylon string acoustic guitar 
7 original compositions for 
Solo Guitar offered in 
Standard notation only 
as well as 
Standard notation with TAB

57 pages
29 Studies 
for Jazz Guitar
Pullman Suite 
for Solo Guitar